Patio Cleaning

If your patio is covered in moss, lichen and algae, not only does it look unsightly, but it could be slowly damaging your patio and even cause a slipping hazard making it unsafe to walk on.

ProClean’s patio cleaning services will give your patio a better-than-new look and protect it against future damage from the elements. Breathe life back into your neglected, dirty patio with our professional patio cleaning services today.

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    Professional Residential and Commercial Patio Cleaning in Manchester

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    Using specialised equipment and our own extensive experience in patio cleaning, we’ll remove any algae, lichen, built-up moss, leaves, and mud to leave your patio looking amazing. Once we’re happy that we’ve restored your patio back to its former glory, we’ll use a special chemical mix to seal it to help stop build-ups from happening again.

    We undertake patio cleaning jobs of all sizes – both residential and commercial – in and around the Greater Manchester area. Trust us to remove moss, stains, and other materials that could otherwise damage your patio and leave it looking as though it was just installed yesterday!

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    Patio Cleaning FAQs

    Patios that are covered with inground dirt, moss and other slippery natural substances can make it a hazard to walk on. Book the professionals at ProClean to make your patio look like new, safe to walk on, and protect against future damage from the elements.

    How long does it take to clean a patio?

    This very much depends on the size of your patio, but most patio cleaning projects can be completed in just a few hours. If you want us to seal the patio after it's been cleaned then we may have to come back to do this, which would normally take another couple of hours.

    Will you use a rotary surface cleaner?

    This all depends on the severity of the dirt and grime! If a rotary surface cleaner is required then we absolutely use one, but we take each project on its own basis and use the tools most appropriate to the job to achieve the best result.

    How quickly will mould return after cleaning?

    Mould, lichen, and algae are stubborn, and they will start to return eventually. If you have lots of trees and plants near your patio then this may happen even faster. We recommend letting us apply a chemical seal which will significantly slow down the return of mould.

    Can you remove all stains from my patio?

    Yes, we are confident that we can remove any kind of staining from your patio. The type of stain will determine which equipment we use to remove it, and we will advise of the treatment we intend to use before beginning the project.

    Do I need to be at home when you clean my patio?

    No - all we need is access to an external tap and we can get on with your patio cleaning while you go about your regular business!