Brick and Stone Cleaning

Did you know that over time your property could suffer damage caused by the build-up of moss, lichen, algae, and grime on your stone and brickwork? It can cause the bricks to crack and crumble and leave you with expensive repair bills.

But ProClean Manchester has a simple solution. Regular cleaning of your brickwork can prevent the damage caused by these external factors and maintain your property’s appearance and structural integrity.

We are leading brick and stone cleaning specialists and can spruce up any of these exterior surfaces, be it your driveway, patio, external walls, or conservatory. We have years of experience and use the best equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products. With brick cleaning, acid can be used but it’s important to be used with care!

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    Leading Commercial and Residential Brick Cleaning Specialists

    We are cleaning professionals who specialise in interior and exterior brick cleaning.

    We will take on any job, big or small, including removing moss, algae, lichen, and grime from your property’s brickwork, restoring it to its best, and protecting it against structural damage.

    We have many years’ experience in cleaning all aspects of buildings and can tackle your roof, render, steam cleaning, pressure washing, and brick cleaning. We offer a professional service at competitive prices. Many people use citric acid for cleaning but it is strongly reminded that this is handled by professionals!

    We are a trusted business based in Manchester and are proud to be one of the leading brickwork cleaning specialists in Greater Manchester.

    Our Stone Cleaning Services

    We clean your stonework to the highest standards. As one of the best stone and brick cleaning companies in the area, we provide a keenly-priced cleaning service which guarantees professional results.

    Stone cleaning improves the appearance of your property but it is also important for the integrity of your building. Regular stone cleaning will help to prevent the build-up of moss,algae, lichen and other general grime which over time can cause damage to your stone exterior.

    In time, this can cause bricks to crack and crumble, and ultimately make the overall structure unsafe.

    That’s when you could find yourself with a big repair bill. All of this can be prevented if you call us.

    Rather than finding yourself with the cost of repairing, we can regularly clean your stone and brickwork, which will protect it from future damage.

    We are happy to take on one-off jobs or regular projects including commercial properties and can tackle anything from moss removal to cleaning off graffiti.

    Our Brick & Stone Cleaning Process

    Our brick cleaning process involves the use of specialist chemicals that don’t damage the stone or brick, along with a low-pressure steam cleaning system. This is proven to be the best way of removing grime and signs of age from these hard-to-clean surfaces. If you are on the hunt for citric acid for cleaning – look no further! Give us a call today and let us do the dirty work!

    We always take extensive safety precautions and will leave your property looking its best. Any material or debris will be cleared away and removed from your property, leaving no trace behind.


    Why Choose Us?

    We’re experienced and professional

    We have many years of experience as a brick cleaning company. We offer a professional service with guaranteed results every time. We use all necessary safety precautions and employ the best method for brickwork cleaning.

    We’ll charge you a competitive price

    We are known for our competitive pricing. We offer a variety of services that will leave your property looking its best without costing the earth.

    We use top quality cleaning equipment and materials

    Our years of experience mean we know the best way to achieve perfect results. We use only top-quality cleaning equipment including a low-pressure steam system, pressure washer, and biocide cleaning materials.

    We deliver the best results

    Our professional services as a brick cleaning company guarantee perfect results every time. We have years of experience and are passionate about restoring your property to its best.

    Our results speak for themselves making us one of the leading stone and brick cleaning companies in the area. We are happy to take on any project including roof cleaning, patios, and driveways, and to tackle both residential and commercial brick and stone.

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    Protect your property from unwanted damage by making sure you maintain your stone and brickwork and getting them regularly cleaned.

    We offer many high-quality professional cleaning services that will guarantee to transform your property and keep it looking its best whilst ensuring the integrity of the building.

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