Exterior Cleaning in Stockport

ProClean offers professional commercial & domestic exterior cleaning services in the Stockport area.

Is the exterior of your home getting dirtier by the day? Based in Stockport, and with over 7 years’ experience in the industry, our cleaning specialists use the latest cleaning technology to enhance your property, leaving it looking brand new.

As professional exterior cleaning experts, we will clean and protect your property, using different techniques depending on the service. We will then apply a biocide treatment to prevent any dirt from growing back quickly. This chemical formulation helps prevent regrowth for up to three years.


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    External Cleaning Services in Stockport

    Our commercial & domestic exterior cleaning services in Stockport have you covered.

    ProClean Manchester offer numerous professional cleaning services for their domestic and commercial customers in and around Stockport. To see all of our services, see below.


    Professional Cleaners in Stockport

    ProClean Manchester are cleaning specialists serving Stockport and the surrounding areas. Our number one goal is to make sure your cleaning needs are met with complete satisfaction every time – and we can vouch for that with years of exterior cleaning experience.

    If you’re on the lookout for a company that offers unmatched levels of service whilst providing the most competitive rates – you’ve got it with ProClean!

    Our Stockport Cleaning Services

    Our Cleaning Process

    Having your property cleaned is an investment. If you allow unwanted moss and algae to keep on growing, you are at risk of paying an obscene amount of money for a new roof. Choose ProClean today and let’s extend the life of your home , saving yourself thousands of pounds!

    Regularly using exterior cleaners can increase the aesthetics and appeal of your exterior setting while keeping it looking brand new. If you’re planning on selling your house, this will attract more buyers, showing them that the house has been well maintained. It will boost the overall value of your property too!


    Why Choose Our Roof Cleaning Services in Stockport?

    Competitive Pricing

    The pricing for Stockport roof cleaning can have a large impact on which service you choose. This is why we aim to offer highly competitive pricing for the best roof cleaning in Stockport.
    ProClean Manchester always charges a fair price for our services, no matter how large your roof is. We completely understand that you don’t want to pay a fortune on roof cleaning, so we keep our prices as low as we can for the highest quality work.

    Top Quality Equipment & Specialist Chemicals

    The right equipment makes our job so much easier. It’s why we have invested in the best roof cleaning tools on the market. From our pressure washers to moss removal tools, we only use top-quality specialist equipment.
    Our carefully formulated chemicals are extremely effective and won’t damage your roof coating. Our chemicals are also completely safe and will prevent moss, lichen, and algae growth for years to come.

    Highest Levels Of Service

    With approaching a decade of experience, ProClean Manchester has a mission to offer you top-quality service in Stockport and surrounding areas. We aim to offer you roof and exterior cleaning that you can rely on.
    We always put your needs first so you can expect excellent service from all of our professional cleaners!

    We Deliver The Best Results

    Our years of experience and the professionalism of our cleaners make us confident that our Stockport roof cleaning team will produce results you’ll be delighted with. We will always do the best job we can, taking into account the condition of your home’s roof.

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    Whether you need a full pressure washing service or just want us to eliminate grime build up on your render, our external cleaning service is here to serve you right

    To find out more or book our services today give us a call on 07404 357863 or send an email to info@procleanmanchester.co.uk.

    Our Stockport FAQs

    Are you looking for cleaning services in Stockport? Do you want to increase your properties value? Tired of moss, weeds and lichen ruining the look of your home? ProClean can offer professional roof cleaning services to solve all these problems.

    How quickly do moss, lichen and algae grow on a roof?

    You will usually get noticeable growth of moss, lichen or algae in between 6 and 12 months. But if you live in a shaded area or your roof is exposed to regular, heavy rainfall, the growth can be much quicker.

    How often should I get my roof tile and slates cleaned?

    Ideally, to prevent moss build-up and other debris, you should get your roof tiles and slates cleaned at least once a year. This will also reinforce your roof coating and can lower the risk of damage to your roof. Learn more about our moss removal services here.

    Does moss erode roof tiles and slates?

    Yes, moss, lichen, and algae growths will erode your roof tiles and slates. Moss especially loves feeding on the tiny particles that get trapped in the material of roof tiles, and this can cause damage and erosion to your roof over time.

    Is it safe to soft wash my roof?

    Washing your roof with a soft brush and warm, soapy water is a safe and effective way to keep it clean. However, you should only have it done by a professional roof cleaning team as it can quickly become a messy job.