Roof Moss Removal

Moss-covered roof tiles can make even modern buildings look uncared-for. Removing the moss will give your home or business premises a completely new look, and will protect the roof tiles or slates against destructive acids.

We can use a soft wash to carefully restore the slate or tiled roof of your business or your home.

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    Professional Residential and Commercial Moss Removal Services

    Our soft roof-washing service will get rid of moss on any tiled or slate roofs.

    We will use specialised cleaning equipment ton remove loose moss, lichen and algae, and treat the roof with a moss-resistant product to greatly reduce the chance of it coming back. Over our many years in business, we have invested in the best equipment, and we know what moss killers and chemical products work best to keep a moss problem under control.

    Our commercial and residential roof cleaning services will help your building look brand new, and prevent moss from returning, even under the typically damp conditions we contend with here in the north-west!

    Bringing in our roof cleaning services is an investment which can l avoid the need for costly repairs in the future due to a moss problem, and your roof will stay moss-free for longer.

    Our Moss Removal Process

    We use gentle moss removal techniques, which don’t involve pressure washing or powerful chemicals which might damage your roof, but which will shift the moss and greatly discourage it from coming back.

    We start by removing living and dead moss from your roof with specially designed scrapers with a semi-soft blade and a soft bristle brush. These scrapers can remove moss from many types of roof tiles.

    We use either scaffolding or a cherry picker to allow us to reach all areas of the roof safely.

    Once all the moss has been removed, we use a low-pressure washer to apply moss killer. This liquid compound is a gentle biocide that kills all biological growth, and over the next 12 months will also prevent moss, algae and lichens from returning.

    Why Choose ProClean?

    We’re experienced and do a completely professional job

    We bring to your house many years’ experience in professional exterior cleaning services.

    Our owner, Kev, has been a professional exterior cleaner for more than seven years. We will bring excellent customer service and attention to detail to the job of restoring your roof to be your property’s crowning glory.

    Our roof cleaning services are very affordable

    We will do a high-quality cleaning job for you at affordable prices. We understand that you have lots of priorities in caring for your house, so we keep our prices as low as possible yet we never compromise on the quality of your exterior cleaning.

    We use the best cleaning equipment and materials

    We have invested in only the best cleaning equipment, and will use the most effective chemicals and materials to remove moss from your roof or slate tiles. We believe in quality, and so we have invested in the best equipment in the industry, used by experienced staff.

    We achieve the best results
    We’re proud of our work and strive to be the best in the industry. Our experienced staff, combined with the best equipment and materials, means you get an effective clean at a price you can afford.

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    Moss Removal FAQs

    Moss-covered roof tiles can make even modern buildings look uncared-for. Removing the moss will give your home or business premises a completely new look, and will protect the roof tiles or slates against destructive acids.

    How often should I clean my roof?

    You should consider getting your roof professionally cleaned every one or two years. This will of course depend on how quickly moss takes over your roof surfaces, and then returns after it has been removed.

    Is it a good idea to pressure wash your roof?

    No we don’t recommend it, because the water pressure can loosen roof tiles and slate, or make the tiles brittle. In any bad weather, you then risk having tiles fall off your roof.

    If you want to clean your roof yourself, we recommend using a low-pressure washer, or a soft-bristled brush and moss killer to get rid of moss. ProClean provide pressure washing services in Manchester for other aspects of exterior cleaning.

    Is roof mould dangerous?

    Mould always represents a hazard, to your health and your home. If you notice roof mould, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible, because unchecked roof mould can get into your house, and cause health issues.

    Excessive exposure to mould spores can potentially kill young children or pets if it gets into their lungs.

    Is it worth getting me getting my roof cleaned?

    Yes, definitely. It can extend the life of your roof, prevent your gutters from getting blocked, prevent roof damage and leaks, protect your roof tiles. And finally, it makes your house look more attractive and boosts its value.

    By getting moss removed by a professional team, it and other biological growth will stay away for a long time, saving you the hassle of dealing with blocked gutters or clearing away dead moss. For more information, learn more about our roof cleaning services here.