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Our exterior cleaning services in Manchester have you covered. Whether you need a patio or driveway cleaned or your conservatory roof needs a good wash, we’re here for you.
With years of experience, there's no exterior cleaning job we haven't come across yet. So, no matter what you need help with, we're sure we have a solution to suit your needs.
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Roof Cleaning

An unkempt property whether it be commercial or residential is likely to make the wrong first impression to visitors. Having the roof cleaned of your home or business can make all the difference to the overall presentation of your building.

Roof tiles or slates that have a cover of moss, algae or lichen not only look unsightly but can disguise damage underneath so regular professional roof cleaning can prevent
problems that could occur.

Using our roof cleaning equipment we will restore roof tiles to their original colour. Our years of experience means that any work is carried out to a high standard. We will remove moss along with other environmental contaminants. If moss, lichen and algae is left on a roof for a long period the acid from them can attack and erode the tiles or slates. The specialist chemicals we use will stop this organic growth for approximately 3 years.

Commercial roof cleaning for your business not only helps your building look newly built but could prevent costly roof repairs if left to the mercy of the elements for extensive periods. Investing in roof cleaning for your domestic property can help your roof stay problem free for longer.


Render Cleaning

Keeping render looking fresh and clean may seem like a challenge on any domestic or commercial property. However, professional render cleaning can make life much easier.

We provide render cleaning services for acrylic and silicone render as well as K-rend. Our soft washing service can be used to clean rendered properties and will remove general traffic grime and build up along with moss, algae and mould.

Our expert render cleaning team uses low pressure steam and biocide cleaning chemicals combined to gently return business premises and domestic dwellings to look like new. Our pole based cleaning system enables us to work and clean render at any height. If required we also have technicians that are qualified to use powered access machinery and rope access tools to clean taller commercial buildings or high rise residential buildings as required.

Professional render cleaning can make your property look completely refreshed regardless of how dirty it is. We take pride in our ability to transform buildings by cleaning K-rend and bringing it back to its best.


Brick & Stone Cleaning

Brick and stone buildings, walls and paving all require regular maintenance whether they be part of a domestic property or a company premises. Brick and stone cleaning doesn’t just make an area cosmetically sound but it also helps keep the integrity of the structure. Build up of lichen and moss can cause damage to brick and stonework. If left for a long period this build up can cause paths, walls or buildings to crumble in places which is a cause for concern.

Regular brick and stone cleaning can protect the property against unnecessary damage but also ensures that a building, garden or recreational area looks better for longer. This can be especially important when it comes to selling a property or for one that has regular footfall such as a commercial property.

Our low pressure steam cleaning system used along with specialist chemicals, that don’t harm the surface of the structure, can be used on any brick or stone cleaning job. We are happy to take on one off job requests or regular maintenance contracts for commercial or domestic premises. We can also tackle graffiti and would be happy to deal with these types of ad hoc problems too.


Moss Removal

The removal of moss from your roof can help return it to look like new. Not only this but moss removal gives your tiles or slates protection from the acid that can become destructive to any roof over time.

Our soft washing service can carefully restore any slate or tiled roofs of commercial or domestic properties.


Pressure Washing

We are experts in all kinds of exterior cleaning which includes pressure washing. We can carry out pressure washing at your domestic property or commercial building.

This service is commonly used to clean patio areas or driveways and commercial exterior recreation areas and paths. We use a high-pressure water spray to take away dirt and stains from exterior surfaces. Our technicians will combine the water spray with specialist chemicals for the removal of stubborn stains from patios, drives or walkways.

The results of pressure washing can totally transform a paved area or driveway. We are dedicated to ensuring that our exterior pressure washing techniques leave your home or business looking like new.


Steam Cleaning

Our domestic and commercial services include an array of the latest technology and tools to set us apart from other cleaning companies. We have many years of experience and will tackle any exterior cleaning job.

We will work hard to suggest a cleaning solution to fit your needs. This includes steam cleaning exterior surfaces to bring them back to their original state. Contact us for more details on this or any of our other exterior cleaning services.

Covering all aspects of external cleaning at your property. From driveway & patio washing to conservatories, roof cleaning and more!
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