Conservatory Cleaning

You already know why adding a conservatory to your house makes great sense. But it can’t have been long before you realised that keeping it clean needs just as much work as any other room in your house.

Bringing the outdoors into your house with a conservatory gives you a completely new set of cleaning challenges. Like, how can I keep the roof clean, and how do I get rid of that moss on the brickwork?

ProClean has the answers to these and many more challenges involved in keeping the outside of your home looking smart.. We are an experienced and professional exterior cleaning company based in Manchester, and we have been helping people all over the area take the stress and effort out of conservatory cleaning for many years.

We can use our specialist cleaning equipment and products to stop your conservatory from looking old and tired.

We can return your brickwork to close to as-new, and take away all the natural nasties – from moss and lichen to general signs of battering by the weather – and the man-made messes such as scuffs, scrapes and discolouring that all make your conservatory look old before its time. If you have been struggling with restoring your conservatory to how you first remember it, we will help.We can clean your conservatory, however big or small, and leave you never having to worry again about what you need to do to get it back to, and keep it at its best.

Professional Conservatory Cleaning Services

We offer professional cleaning of the outside and inside of your conservatory, so it stays looking good year-round. Our work will also help nip any structural problems in the bud, by picking up any areas affected by a build-up of dirt, moss, or lichen in the brickwork, which can lead to cracks. Our conservatory cleaning service will leave your brickwork untouched, and concentrate on the roof, windows and frame..

At ProClean we will transform your conservatory, top to bottom, inside and out, and our results will last for many years – that’s years more of enjoying the sun and warmth in your own garden.

Our Conservatory Cleaning Services

We will thoroughly clean all the bits of your conservatory that you can see – particularly the window glass, getting rid of unsightly streaks and fingermarks, and will tackle the window frames, gutters and roof using a telescopic window cleaner.

We use our specialist stain removal products – and elbow grease – to leave every surface in your conservatory fresh and sparkling.

Why Choose Us?

Thorough Cleaning

Our comprehensive conservatory cleaning is incredibly thorough, transforming all your conservatory’s surfaces. Our experience and attention to detail make us most trusted cleaning companies in the area.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are competitive and you save money in the long run because we will spot problems before they need a more extensive repair.

Top Quality Cleaning Equipment & Materials

We only use the best cleaning solutions and products which won’t damage your property. We work safely and will clean up after ourselves, including any debris that we clean off your conservatory.

We Deliver The Best Results

We guarantee our comprehensive cleaning service will give you the best results. Our full clean will restore your conservatory to its former glory, extend its life and let you get the most out of it without having to clean it yourself

Get In Touch With Us Today

To get the most out of your conservatory without the hassle of trying to clean and maintain it yourself, talk to us today. Email us at to get a quote.

Leave the dirty work of removing all the grime to the professionals and keep your conservatory the way it’s meant to look.