Roof Cleaning in Manchester

Are you looking for an affordable Manchester-based roof cleaning service? Make your home look even more impressive and get rid of that ugly moss by calling us at ProClean.

At ProClean Manchester, we aim to get all your roof tiles looking pristine.

Here’s how we achieve this and why we are the best roof cleaning company in the region.

Professional Roof Cleaning Specialists in Manchester

The rooftops of Manchester are one of the city’s most famous vistas, having graced a certain TV soap for many years. Our team of roof cleaning experts know how to remove grime and other unsightly mess from your roof.

Our Manchester Roof Cleaning Services

Before our professional Manchester-based team start cleaning your roof, they will prepare the area, laying down dust sheets over all the nearby area..

Once the site has been prepared, they will clear all moss, lichen, algae and similar growth from your roof. They will finish the job with a low-pressure soft wash to remove dirt and grime, and clear your gutters.

The final stage of your roof cleaning is applying a safe chemical roof coating to provide a waterproof layer that prevents the growth of unsightly moss.

Why Choose Our Roof Cleaning Services in Manchester

Experienced and Professional

Our company has been roof cleaning in Manchester for nearly a decade.. We will bring this experience to your property to give you the best roof cleaning service available.

Competitive Pricing

When choosing a service for roof cleaning in Manchester, price can be a key. So we strive to provide the most affordable and effective cleaning service in Manchester.

Regardless of the size of your roof, we will always charge a fair price.

Top Quality Equipment & Specialist Chemicals

Our roof cleaning team knows that the best equipment on the market will produce the best roof cleaning service, which is why we only use top-quality equipment.
The same applies to our anti-fungal roof coating. Our specialist mixture contains chemicals safe for use on roofs, and will keep moss away long after it has been applied.

We Deliver The Best Results

With nearly a decade of experience and a team of experts, we’re confident that our services will live up to your expectations. You can count on us to deliver the best results, no matter what the condition of your Manchester roof tiles!

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If you are looking for roof cleaning in Manchester to give you a home to be proud of, ProClean Manchester can help you.
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Are you looking for an affordable Manchester-based roof cleaning service? Make your home look even more impressive and get rid of that ugly moss by calling us at ProClean.

How quickly does moss grow on a roof?

The rate of moss growth will largely depend on how much rain falls on your roof and how much shade your roof gets. Typically, moss spores will spread across your roof within six to 12 months, and clay-tiled roofs suffer worst from this.

Is it possible for moss to damage your roof?

Yes, moss and other growth such as algae can damage the roof of your home. This is why we at ProClean will finish the job with an anti-fungal wash to prevent roof moss from coming back.

How often should your roof be cleaned?

Ideally, to avoid any potential damage, your roof should be cleaned at least once a year. Not only will roof cleaning freshen up your house, it can also prevent moss and similar organic growth from cracking your tiles.

Is it safe to soft wash your roof?

Soft washing your roof is safe, but should only be attempted by specialist roof cleaning companies. The same applies to pressure washing and jet washing, as incorrect use can break tiles and cause more harm than good!